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Evolutionary Circuit Design

We have applied the evolutionary design method to evolve various circuits. In some cases evolved circuits are better than the best known conventional solutions (according to given critera). One patent was granted in 2013 (see Nonlinear image filter).

Image Filters

Evolved filters exhibit good filtering properties while the implementation cost (e.g. in the FPGA) is very low when compared to conventional solutions such as median-based filters.

Bio-signal classification and proceeding

Evolutionary Logic Synthesis and Optimization.

Transistor level evolution, power consumption.

Benchmark Circuits for Diagnostics CAD tools

We evolved complex benchmark circuits (up to 1 M gates) with predefined testability.

Image Recognition

Evolutionary Image Compression (with Ruben Salvador, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).

HW/SW Co-Design with EA.

Other Circuits.

Approximate Computing

We have applied the evolutionary design as a systematic design method to create approximate circuits.

Neural networks and neuroevolution

FPGA Accelerators for Evolutionary Design

We have developed the concept of Virtual Reconfigurable Circuits (VRC) for real-world applications of evolvable hardware in FPGAs.

Analysis of the VRC concept

Utilization of Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration (with CEI, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)

Accelerators based on the Xilinx Zynq chip (with DPR)

Other Accelerators for Evolutionary Design

Polymorphic Electronics

We have devoloped first reconfigurable polymorphic ASIC (REPOMO32), implemented several methods for synthesis of polymorphic circuits and proposed several new applications of polymorphic electronics.

Development in Evolutionary Design

We have introduced non-trivial mappings between genotypes and phenotypes to overcome the scalability problems of evolutionary design. One approach uses an instruction-based development, another one cellular automata.

Cartesian Genetic Programming: coevolution and various approaches

Miller J. F. (ed.): Cartesian Genetic Programming, Springer 2011 - see chapters on circuit evolution, image processing and CGP in FPGA.

Cellular Platforms

Philosophical aspects, theory, essays

Traffic Modelling and Prediction

Evolutionary Design of Protocols for WSN

(with P. Svenda and V. Matyas, FI MU Brno)

  • Evolutionary Design of Secrecy Amplification Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks: WiSec 2009, EuroGP 2012

Evolution using FPTA-2 chip

(with NASA JPL)

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